imageI do so much thinking! My head is always full to overflowing with thoughts and ideas.  Most of them never get shared with anyone, which is probably just how things should be.  I get prompted to think and wonder just simply by the experiences of everyday life.  I also love reading and read all sorts of stuff – fiction and nonfiction – and that all gets me thinking too.  So I’m never short of thoughts and ideas, but. . . as a real introvert and a bit of a perfectionist, the idea of writing and publishing these thoughts for other people to read is a pretty uncomfortable one for me. But, now and again, people tell me I have things worth sharing, and that I usually write quite well too.

So, I’m blogging to share some of those thoughts and ideas with the aim of creating a place and a community where we can share discussion about things many of us may share an interest in.  As you look through the blog, I’m guessing you’ll find yourself thinking some of my thoughts are exactly what you’d expect to hear from a Christian, and a vicar to boot. But I hope you’ll also see that I like to respond to important things that happen, and things I read and hear about that I believe concern us all.  You won’t be surprised to find a vicar posting Bible thoughts but, as an avid reader of all sorts of books, you’ll find just as many posts about the many other books that feature in my life as well.  You’ll find posts about my passions and interests in life too – and that has to include travel, because I love visiting, as well as reading about, other countries. And, given my natural hesitation about publishing my thoughts out there at all, you can be sure that, whatever you can find to read on the blog at any given time, there’ll be a whole heap of drafts hidden just out of sight, waiting for me to hit the publish button.

I don’t think you really need to know anything about me to engage with my blog, but I know I’m always interested to find out who’s behind other blogs. So, I’m a wife and a mum of teenagers and, as the blog name suggests, I’m a vicar (a Church of England priest). In fact I’m not officially a vicar at all – my job title is Rector – but that’s just a historical name thing we don’t need to worry about here.

Welcome to the blog – I really hope you enjoy your visit and I’d love to hear your own thoughts along the way too.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I have a friend who’s a former C of E vicar, who’s also a woman. She’s a “former” because she lives in the US now (or maybe she was a “former” before they left England). She assured me female vicars aren’t particularly rare, but I never thought I’d run into another one. 😀

    • Thanks for your comment. No we women vicars are not particularly rare these days! I had a quick look at your blog and read your About page too. I got About text widget envy – yes, some vicars still do envy too – or perhaps that’s just me! I love your neat little circular photo thumbnail and very clever description – mine still needs some work because I’d like to make more of the thoughts/thinking language and nuances. And your About page has so much of me in it – linguist, former editor, language and dictionary obsessive etc. So I’ve decided to follow you. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Glad to meet you! What an interesting job you have. I worked for the Chaplains when I was in the U. S. Air Force years ago. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the UK. Loved it. Looking forward to your posts. ❤

    • Thanks for the nomination – so encouraging! I did accept the nomination last month so I trust you won’t mind if I don’t try and do so again – it took me ages to come up with facts about myself for sharing. Thanks again. Happy blogging!

  3. Although I used to be a teacher, I have no job title these days other than Great grandma, grandma and mother. I do write extensively about religious topics for women though. I have only recently started taking the Blogging 101 and now 201 courses and so have set up a very different type blog for that. So far, I do not consider myself to be a writer really. However, I love to do the research and put the bare facts down as I understand them. If I took more time with each lesson, I know I could do better at presenting my research.


    • Thanks for your comment. You’ve chosen an interesting theme for your blog – I hope you’ve found the Blogging 101 and 201 courses as useful as I did in helping me to shape my blog and learn a few techniques.

      • You know, I did find the Blogging 101 and 102 courses interesting and helpful too, but somehow I accidentally deleted them from my LESSONS LEARNED account when they were posted on another blog under the same domain. Not only that, but when I changed the password for LESSONS LEARNED, that automatically changed the password for the second blog too. At first I could not believe it so I went back and repeated the change more than once. Later, when I changed the Gravatar photo for LESSONS LEARNED, it automatically changed the Gravatar photo for the other blog too. I have been crying, begging someone of the tech people to help me search out this issue, but so far nothing. Today I got a message that almost made me angry. One tech person said, “I checked the content of your two blogs and none of the content has changed.” Did I ever say my articles, i.e. content, had changed? No, not even once.

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