A Perfect Book

imageThe perfect book review of this Perfect book by Rachel Joyce needs to say little more than: Read it now!

It’s been such an enjoyable read. At first sight, it seems a simple and straightforward story that weaves together past and present in the lives of two boys during one particularly eventful summer and its repercussions for their later lives.  But the book has a very skilfully woven plot and I wouldn’t dream of saying too much here so as not to spoil it for anyone who might come across this post before reading the book.

It’s funny, but I only bought the book because I needed to return a duplicate Christmas present and there were complications with the three-for-two offers.  I rather grudgingly agreed to have less money back and get another book from the deal.  And I grabbed Perfect because I had just recently finished reading and had really enjoyed the two Harold Fry stories by the same author.

Perfect works for me because the boys are about the same age as me. This means I identify with a lot of the detail setting the scene for their 1972 lives – it’s very realistic for this kind of English childhood in that era.  The characters are developed well, eminently believable, and quickly became people I cared about. I had to keep reading to discover what would happen to them next or to understand what had gone before.

Perfect is not an edge-of-the-seat gripping thriller of a book, but it’s definitely a real page turner as the author skilfully draws the reader into the story to keep on finding out what happens next. It’s generally a quiet book with a gentle pace, but don’t let that put you off, because this is a story with some big surprises too.  And I really can’t say any more than that right now, or you’ll be missing out on the Perfect reading experience.

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