No dotted vowels here

Words about me – all me, me, me! When the language we use comes from England, how much can we ever say when we leave out the dotted letter? That smallest of words that can cause all that we say and do to be so self-focussed. Perhaps all that we would want to say would be better for the loss of that small dotted vowel, because then we would all be forced to refocus, to look out beyond ourselves and our own small worlds. Suddenly our eyes would be used to look away from ourselves. And then perhaps our thoughts would no longer be so self-obsessed. Then all could uncover a greater concern for the other: for the many people and places around each one of us.  We could speak and blog so much more about the beauty of the created world, all the towns and larger settlements, and all the people. We would talk more of others and less of me. Who knows? The world could become a better place where there would be a greater concern for the welfare of others. Greater awareness could mean so much could be done for those people and places where needs abound. So, be gone, dotted vowel! No more me, me, me!  Let’s let our eyes and our ears, and then our thoughts and words, be focussed away from ourselves. What a world that could be!

What a challenge of a prompt – not an easy one at all! Perhaps we really do need all those 26 letters for our language to work well? What are other people’s thoughts here?

4 thoughts on “No dotted vowels here

  1. Was all set to argue that you’d need that letter as part of other words (not just that arrogant pronoun), but you’ve managed to purge the offender everywhere! That WAS hard!

  2. It was a fun challenge. Just grabbed my imagination when I read it, so I gave it a go. Biggest difficulty with leaving out the letter i is that you can’t do -ing words, so there are a few clunky sentences in the post.

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