February Thoughts

A short month but definitely a thoughtful month.

I found myself remembering a personal anniversary at the start of the month and shared some thoughts for the many others whose lives are affected by cancer.

And, as these dark winter days have gradually begun to move towards longer, lighter spring days, I’ve enjoyed time for reading – both vicar-type reading as well as other books, including my first for the Africa Reading challenge.  But there’s so much more I’m wanting to find the time to read as well.  Bible reading has prompted me to post two different Words from the Word this month.

And Lent has made several appearances as you might expect on a vicar’s blog.  The 40 acts challenge to ‘Do Lent Generously’ is a particular focus for this year – I’d love to see more and more people, Christian or not, join in and see communities and relationships built up as generosity really does beget more generosity.

And how about you?  What’s been the focus on your blog this last month?  Which posts should I drop by and read?

For January Thoughts, click here.

What are your thoughts?

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