Blogging New Year’s Resolution

I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions but last year I did. I started January 2014 with a promise to myself that it was to be the year to start a blog.  I found WordPress and discovered this brand-new challenge called  ‘Zerotohero’ aimed at people like me just starting to blog.  So I hastily threw together a blog title, tagline and theme, completed the first three tasks, and then ground to a halt!

I ground to a halt because I didn’t even know what the blog was for.  The days and weeks rumbled by and then we came to the season of Lent.  So I resolved to blog daily through the 40 days of Lent by way of a new blogging beginning.  But that effort also lasted a mere three days.  And after another similarly feeble attempt in about June, I began to conclude that blogging just wasn’t for me after all.

imageAnd then September came around – the first anniversary of my new job, a natural time for reviewing and reflecting, making new starts and plans for the future.  And so the blog got a bit more attention.  But most importantly, the blog got a new name, inspired in a moment of glimpsing my ‘More tea, vicar?’ teapot in the kitchen cabinet.

And so the re-christened blog entered Blogging 101 with an author intent on completing all the challenges this time around.  And it worked! OK, one or two challenges never got done, but most did.  And most of all, I found myself loving the opportunity to write, I had fun connecting with the Blogging 101 community and I wanted to carry on blogging by the end of it – and so I did!

And here we are, January 2015.  The blog that has kept going was four months old yesterday and is still alive with something new posted every few days. WordPress statistics tell me I have written 64 posts since September (not counting the drafts not yet published), which have had 1,118 views in 37 countries and 88 amazing people have chosen to follow the blog.  Thanks for all the comments, the follows and the big encouragement to a blogger who tried to fool herself into believing she was doing this just for herself!

Exactly what the blog is and who it’s for remain a mystery I’m still trying to fathom out.  I keep thinking I need to be more focussed – Christian ministry and/or theology, books, life, or responding to blogging prompts and challenges, but not all of these all mixed up together.  But I enjoy having a place to put a picture, or a Youtube clip I like, and sometimes it’s fun to respond to a daily prompt – in fact some of my favourite posts have come from prompts I’ve responded to.  Nevertheless, there’s a voice constantly rumbling away in my head saying, ‘just blog occasionally with more “heavyweight” opinion pieces responding theologically to the issues of the day’, but then another voice pipes up to object: ‘And where would the pictures, videos and short, quick comments or Words from the Word go?’

And so More thoughts, Vicar? moves into the new year as the eclectic mix it has become and is, for now, intent on continuing to be – until such time as the thoughts swirling in this vicar’s head streamline themselves into a few key areas for blogging.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so my webspace will continue to reflect the mixed bag of thoughts that pass through my head each and every day. Welcome to my world!

It’s been a good bloginning – long may it continue!

What are your thoughts?

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