December Thoughts


It’s been a quieter month at More thoughts, Vicar? That’s partly because December has one or two extra work commitments for someone in my line of work! But the lower number of posts also reflects the fact that I’ve been unwell for the best part of a fortnight.

Advent coverage brought us an informative video, a few thoughts and some wonderful seasonal music.

Giving Tuesday seemed far more worthy of a post than either Black Friday or Cyber Monday and was a chance to give another shout out for my favourite local-to-us charity: Boaz Trust. The theme of asylum seekers and refugees was revisited for two special December days too: Human Rights Day and Migrants Day.

There were several posts about books and reading, including an attempt to summarise a whole year of (fairly eclectic) reading.

In spite of the busyness, rising to the challenge of a monosyllabic re-write of the biblical story of that first Christmas proved irresistible. But signing up for the Writing 201 challenge was definitely little more than wishful thinking at this time of year, so only one of the four posts actually got written and published. Another two are still in my thoughts – they might still see the light of day come January . . .

So, how was December in your bit of the blogosphere? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy New Year!

What are your thoughts?

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