It’s looking a lot like Christmas

ChristingleToday is Advent 2 in the four-Sunday run-up to Christmas in the church calendar.  This morning we got well and truly prepared with an all-age Christingle service and even sang the first Christmas carol of the season.  It was a lovely service – there’s something really quite special about the silence and the stillness that overcomes even the liveliest of youngsters when they have their very own Christingle to hold – solemnly and carefully as per the Rector’s health and safety briefing!  And then, as the candle flames flicker, the familiar sound of Away in a Manger reminding us all that Christmas really is just around the corner now.

Back home at the rectory, the Christmas tree has arrived – though it still awaits some decoration – and we’ve had our first Christmas cards and have ticked a few more items off the list of Christmas presents to buy and post.

imageI’ve only a couple more chapters of Walking Backwards To Christmas (Stephen Cottrell) left to read.  Do go and buy this book if you haven’t already – there’s still plenty of time to read it before Christmas is upon us.  It offers lots to reflect on as we watch and wait for Christmas.  Starting with Anna, and walking back through the years to Isaiah and Moses, Stephen Cottrell’s book offers us a fresh perspective on a story we can sometimes feel we already know far too well.

All in all, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

What are your thoughts?

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