NaBloPoMo experience

imageWell, I made it – and no one is more surprised than I am!  I’ve managed a post a day for the whole of November, so I can say I completed the NaBloPoMo challenge – and tomorrow’s is already written in case anyone thinks I’m being a bit hasty here!  It was a close call at times with a few ‘just before midnight’ posts.  But, looking back at those, it’s easy to see that it was always about a lack of blogging time rather than a lack of ideas to write posts about.  In fact, one major outcome of this month of daily blogging is the huge number of draft posts I now have lined up and an even longer list of ideas of things to wrote posts about.

I’ve loved getting back into a daily writing habit.  Often I’ve only spent 10 or 20 minutes getting the day’s post published, though I have also used spare time now and again for longer, or more complex, posts (it still takes me ages to get images into posts – the technical wizadry of blogging still eludes me though I have definitely improved from my own very low starting point!)

There have been some days when I’ve been frustrated that I had something timely to write about but no time for the writing and it wasn’t always material that could be published days later.  In the first week or so I felt the tyranny of having to post each day – and hit a particular low with my 10-second aside on 12 November!

Skimming back through the month’s posts – you can read a summary of them here – I notice just how much book blogging I’ve been doing.  I joined in with several book challenges which certainly helped me write quick posts on some time-challenged days.  I did begin to wonder if I should make the blog a specialist book blog – there’s certainly a huge global community of them to join out there (and lots of really great ones too).

But then I also have to recognise that my blog is what it says on the tin – it’s a place where I journal life’s journey.  Books always have been, and always will be, a big part of my life – but there’s more to me than just books. So I’m not surprised that a month of daily blogging leaves me with a great mix of posts covering all the different aspects of and interests in my life.

I thought I might blog my way through Jeremiah, but by day 4 I realised there were other thoughts I wanted to share as well as the biblical ones.  Post-NaBloPoMo, I’m wondering about a Word on Wednesdays biblical feature as the place to blog my way through different books of the Bible.  The month – and its need for a post each day – led me to the impromptu creation of a Words from the Word mini-feature.  I used it twice on days when time was lacking for a longer post.  Over time, these bible thoughts – both longer posts and shorter quotes – would become a wonderful (to me!) collection of my Bible study and meditation.

Overall, it’s been good to do the challenge during a busy working month as I can see what’s possible and what’s not in terms of finding the time to blog.

Most of all, I love that, after nearly three months of blogging, I feel I have now begun to create an online journal, and thoughts, experiences and ideas have found a permanent home out there.  I’m still not sure about whether I’m here to attract followers but am amazed to have 66 of them now.  It’s a great encouragement that people have found and read my eclectic mix of posts and have taken the time to comment and to follow.  I’ve found this connecting with the wider blogging community a real (and quite unexpected) joy, so I must be less of hermit than I thought myself to be.

One thing’s for sure – this vicar won’t be blogging every day of December – but the insights from NaBloPoMo will carry me forward as I continue to develop my blog.

How was your November NaBloPoMo experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it.



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