Thankful thoughts


In recent years, many US customs have made their way over the pond to the UK. Hallowe’en is one that comes to mind and tomorrow is to be Black Friday in many of our stores – on a regular working weekday – an interesting concept!

Sadly, the celebration of Thanksgiving is not one of our American imports, although awareness is growing over here, so that may change in the future.  imageI found this canned pumpkin in the local supermarket last week – not the squash alongside – my husband grew those on his allotment. Canned pumpkin is a first for me, but I’m not baking a pumpkin pie for tonight’s meal because most of the family are out on a normal busy workday/school day Thursday evening.

I used the word ‘sadly’ in the paragraph above because it seems to me that being thankful and showing gratitude for all that we do have is a wonderful tradition that should spread far and wide.

As my working day draws to a close, I want to note a few things I’m very thankful for today: family and friends, a house to call home, well-paid work that enables us to provide for our family’s needs, some holidays and other treats, and the opportunity to help others in financial need.  But today, because of how the working day has turned out, I’m particularly grateful for those who encouraged me in my Christian faith – and especially for those who encouraged me as I explored my sense of being called into ordained ministry.

How about you – whatever your nationality – what are you thankful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving!



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