World Toilet Day

imageToday is World Toilet Day so I’ve decided to blog again about bogs. Anyone would think I’m obsessed! Well, in some ways I am. More than 25 years ago, I travelled in various countries where, all too frequently, we had to make do with awful facilities or none at all. The memory of my own temporary ‘holiday’ experiences comes back to me whenever I read about the genuine horrors experienced on a daily basis by the millions who still live with poor sanitation across the world today.

The impact on health is shocking.  According to the World Toilet Organisation’s website about 1000 children a day died preventable deaths from diarrhoeal diseases in 2013 and about one billion people still practice open defecation.  The UN reports that 2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation.

And while the health statistics are horrific, the dangers some people suffer simply for using a toilet are quite shocking.  This Guardian article delivers a hard-hitting summary of the situation for many women in parts of rural India for whom going to the toilet can mean snakebites, diarrhoea or violence.

The BBC has compiled an incredible gallery of ‘My toilet’ pictures from around the world which is worth a look on a day like today – or any day. It certainly makes me very grateful for our facilities.

imageOnce again, I’m chuffed that the (downstairs) rectory loo is twinned through Tearfund’s brilliant project with a latrine in a Nepalese village.  I’m just wondering which of my family or friends might appreciate having their own toilet twinned for Christmas!

What are your thoughts?

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