Growing older

Just sat down after getting cards and presents together for my husband’s significant birthday tomorrow when I find the NaBloPoMo daily prompt over at Blogher asks the question:  Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

Well, the honest answer is: neither – nor. My first thought was how can any of us can fight against it when ageing is nature’s way? But then images of reworked faces popped up in my mind to remind me that some people take the fight against ageing very seriously indeed. But then just who do I think I am kidding? Only yesterday I was back at my optician looking for the perfect contact lens prescription to enable me to avoid reading glasses just a little bit longer. And then I let my hairdresser colour my hair to cover up the grey that’s very visible now (or would be if I didn’t get the hair colour touched up every few months!).

Hmm, methinks someone here is in denial and there is a bit of fighting the ageing process going on after all.

But then I can honestly also say I love the feeling of greater confidence and being so much more comfortable in my own (admittedly increasingly saggy, wrinkly) skin than I was back in my 20s. Having said that, a bit of the youthful energy I had back then wouldn’t go amiss these days.

So, perhaps the better answer for me isn’t so much neither-nor as both-and. And how about you? How would you answer that question – whatever age you are?


2 thoughts on “Growing older

    • Thanks for the comment. I guess it’s a common human experience after all! Celebrating my husband’s half century today – at least he’s caught me up again for a few more months!

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