October thoughts


October began with a Song after Suicide – my first ever video post. The group Twelve 24 wrote their song: Turn the Page in response to the death by suicide of our friends’ daughter (which I blogged about back in September).

From thoughts of loss and grief, to thoughts of thankfulness. In my job, it’s impossible to avoid harvest at this time of year – and, anyway, who would want to avoid it? This wonderful annual festival led to some harvest thoughts  about those things we might each be thankful for and whether we have any surplus to share with those in need.

Having had the blog up and running for a month I posted on the bloginning experience so far before moving swiftly on from blog to bog with a brief thought about the lack of basic latrine facilities faced by so many people in our world today. This far from bog-standard post provided the perfect opportunity to include a shout out for one of my favourite new charities this year: Tearfund’s Toilet Twinning.

A review of a fairly typical Sunday in this urban vicar’s life made it possible to showcase the true messiness that is Messy Church. October’s messiest activity award went to the extremely popular grape-crushing activity – carried out much as it might have been done in Jesus’ time. And the churchwarden drank the juice to prove just how delicious it was. Yes, really!

There was a Blog Action Day around the middle of the month with a focus on inequality, which provided a real opportunity to highlight some of the inequalities in the lives of the youngest people in our world with a call to remember, in the face of such poverty and inequality of opportunity, that Every Child Matters.

I was delighted to accept a nomination for the One Lovely Blog Award – not bad going for a newbie blogger whose stated aim at the outset was simply to journal a few thoughts on the journey through life.

Anyway, buoyed up by this recognition, I took up the Daily Post writing challenge to produce a Genre Blender which resulted in an attempt to combine something that might very loosely be called the genre of historical fiction with the form of an open letter. And so I found myself writing to Paul, aka Saul of Tarsus, and asking him a few questions I think many Christians today would love to know the answers to.

On the book front, I continued with my two long reads – one fiction, and one non-fiction – actually begun back in September.  But there was also time to fit in a couple of shorter reads, including the Book of Boaz which really impressed me.

A few days’ family holiday created a bit of a gap in my posting, and so here we are now at the end of the month. The blog bloginning may be over but the blogging journey has only just begun. I’m already excited to see what thoughts November will  bring?

And how was October wherever you are? I’d love to hear a few thoughts about it.

2 thoughts on “October thoughts

    • Thank you for your lovely, encouraging comment. I’ve just had a quick look at your lovely book blog. I made a New Years resolution to start blogging and it took me until September, so I’m still playing catch up with myself!

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