Blogging Jeremiah: the first post

Blogging Jeremiah – I must be mad! He’s one of the longer Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture prophets and the weeping one to boot, so he’s not usually a barrel of laughs to read. But that’s what I’ve decided to do, starting here and now.

Why? Why this book? Why now and why blog it all?  Well, a whole heap of reasons come to mind:

Firstly, I have a blog – for the third time of asking – yes, three attempts to make a bloginning on the blogging front this year. And I’ve now been posting regularly for a couple of months and am starting to test out a bit more what the blog’s purpose really is or should be. Blogging about Bible readings has been on my mind since the start.

Jeremiah because someone prayed with me earlier this year and prayed words from this prophet as they did so. At the time, I committed to re-reading the book but I still haven’t made time to get beyond chapter 2.  I think the challenge to write a daily post will help me stick with my commitment and will also help me really think through what I’m reading and the message I’m hearing.

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve come across NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where bloggers take up the challenge to post each day for the month of November. I’ve been wavering about whether to join in, but now I’m thinking, ‘Why not?’  Here’s the perfect opportunity to read and blog through a book of the Bible – though unless I read more than a chapter a day, it will take me a lot more than a month to read right through Jeremiah’s 52 chapters.

And finally, it’s worth just saying that I’m setting out simply to write my thoughts as I read through this ancient text for myself. These blog posts are not intended to be a new scholarly commentary on Jeremiah – others have that ground covered in ways I never will. Nor am I trying to tell anyone reading my posts what this text might be saying to them. This is pretty much a vicar preaching to herself – aiming simply to answer the question: What is this bit of the book of Jeremiah saying to me in this place at this time? I may well draw on things other people have written, but the idea is simply to blog a few of my own thoughts each day and to encourage comments and discussion from anyone else out there who happens to read my various posts.

Each day I’ll start my reading by answering three basic questions, that I find a helpful way in to any Bible reading:

  1. Which word or phrase particularly grabs my attention?
  2. Are there any bits I don’t understand or feel I need to know more about?
  3. What do I sense God might be saying to me through this reading today?

Jeremiah 1 coming to More thoughts, vicar? from 1 November. Watch this space!

What are your thoughts?

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