Beyond the bloginning

It’s a month since I launched the blog and what a month! I set out with a lot of doubts and uncertainties about both what to blog and why I was blogging at all. But staying true to my basic theme of simply sharing some of the thoughts that whirl around inside my head all day long, I’ve now posted into double figures and connected with a wonderfully diverse group of bloggers through the blogging community that is WordPress Blogging 101. So I now find myself with 36 followers and my 10 posts have had 386 views, none of which I expected at all. The Blogging 101 challenges have also helped me improve the look and technical wizardry of my blog – yes, I know it still looks very basic to some of you, but I’m impressed. So, for now, the bloginning continues . . .

One thought on “Beyond the bloginning

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