Just ten – Exodus 16

So the challenge is to freewrite for exactly ten minutes – not a minute more and not a minute less. Sometimes I love freewriting and I use it to sort all the big bundle of thoughts messing up my head in that moment. But I would never, ever hit publish having done a freewrite and no editing. So this could be interesting if I follow the rules of the game. The most obvious thing to write about is what I’ve just been doing because it’s really got me thinking.  I’ve spent the last couple of hours looking in detail at the Exodus reading I’ll be preaching my sermon from on Sunday.  It’s a reading that comes just after the event we call the Exodus (Moses and his big stick raised, God parting the waters, and the Israelites safely escaping to the other side before the Egyptians get drowned as the waters crash back in).  The great escape of the Old Testament, God’s rescue of his people still celebrated in the Passover festival in Jewish tradition. But Sunday’s reading is a little bit further on in the story – the second month after the big rescue – and the people of Israel are complaining – complaining a lot – because there’s not enough food and they wish they’d stayed back as slaves in Egypt after all, or been mown down by one of the plagues that got the Egyptians while they were still there.  Far better that, they complain, than being dragged out into the wilderness by their wonderful leaders, Moses and Aaron, to die of starvation. Of course, whenever any of us reads anything, we read it from our own perspective.  The Exodus is the great narrative of both Jewish tradition and is the essence of liberation theology in 20th Century Christian tradition.  I read this narrative here today in my sunny office (yes, sunny in Manchester) as a church leader.  Of course there’s a whole lot more to my identity than my role as Rector, but that’s the main reason why I’m reading this Bible extract this afternoon – because the congregation expects a sermon on Sunday (whether they want one or not is quite a different question) – there’d be at least surprise and shock, and, believe it or not, possibly even complaints if I didn’t preach one.  Yes, really! So, what has my afternoon of study shown me – what is God’s message in this text, for these people, in the parishes where I minister, on this coming Sunday?  Well, now there’s a question and my ten minutes are up . . . ! [Talk about out of my comfort zone! Ten minutes of freewriting, a couple of minutes correcting typos and putting in a bit of punctuation here and there and I’m about to hit ‘publish’ – unthinkable but true – this blogging thing is changing me!]

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