Title and tagline

Today’s Blogging101 challenge was to come up with a new title and tagline. But, having spent a lot of time quite recently coming up with a better title and tagline, I’m really happy with them for now. The tagline was the easy bit given the way I see the blog and its purpose at the moment. It’s a place for me to journal life’s journey instead of writing it all down in the paper journal I’ve kept for years. I realise I won’t journal everything on here that I might in a private handwritten book, but the act of having to press ‘publish’ really makes me think much more carefully about what I’m writing and helps me to think throughimage all of the thoughts and ideas I write about. My first steps have also encouraged me that engaging with the blogging community might help me to get so much more out of all my thinking. The title was much harder to come up with – it’s obviously a play on the phrase More tea, Vicar? which applies because I am a vicar. But then it suddenly hit me that the reason for blogging at all was to get some of the thoughts that clutter up my headspace typed into the blogosphere.  All of my blog content is going to come out of those thoughts, so the phrase seemed to work – and seemed to be a bit lighthearted and fun as well. I’m interested to know how the title and tagline come across to others

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