In the bloginning – an anniversary

IMG_0370.JPGIn the bloginning . . . Today seems an auspicious day for launching the first post of this new blog as it’s one of those milestone days we have in our lives.  It’s the first anniversary of my licensing as Rector of the two parishes in Manchester where I now live and work.  The purple plant is an anniversary gift from one of the churchwardens.  I think I have to take that as a good sign – I’m sure she wouldn’t be buying me a gift if it had been a disastrous first year.  And purple is such a good choice – it was my all-time favourite colour when I was a child and it’s still one of my favourites now, but not one I get to wear when I’ve got the work uniform on.  Purple shirts are reserved for bishops, so I don’t have any of those in my wardrobe.

So, what is there to blog about when I think back over the last year? Unusually for me, my mind has gone blank – but I think that’s because the alternative is complete overload.  It’s been an incredibly busy year and there have been so many different experiences.  Some of those were things I’d already experienced as a curate (a trainee vicar on the job), but then these are different parishes, different people, different church buildings and so on, so even familiar things have been different.  And then there have been things I hadn’t done in curacy and, with two parishes rather than just the one, I’ve sometimes felt like juggling and plate spinning would’ve been better skills to have brought here with me.  Perhaps the year ahead will find me posting some reflections of some of the many experiences that come my way as a parish priest.  But I also wonder if there’ll be far more posts that just look like the random jottings of a whole host of thoughts that have nothing at all to do with the day job . . . time will tell.  But, for now, it’s a bloginning.  Time to hit publish!

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